Welcome to The Five Layers!

If you are reading this, chances are you are looking to build your wealth but don’t know how. First, let me congratulate you for making this decision. The journey ahead wouldn’t be buttery smooth but rest assured you will reap what you sow at the end.

You have come to the right place and we will walk this journey together. Over here, I will be blogging about my journey from scratch to my final milestone of semi-retiring at 55.

A little background about myself, as of today (August 2018), I’m 24 years old, Singaporean, fresh out of university and just started my first full time job as an Engineer. I’ve always lived the “spend first worry later” life and never saved a single cent until I got my first pay check. My friend saw me saving diligently in a savings account but later questioned my decision to keep it in a savings account only returning 0.05% interest P.A. I started looking at the different savings account in the market and shortly later, I found myself reading and making my first trade on the stock market.

While browsing other financial blogs and channels, I notice the large majority of them are content heavy and difficult to digest. Even though they are informative and beneficial to readers, beginners like us will struggle to put the pieces of information together and apply it in our lives. Thus, I’ve decided to start The Five Layers. Not only will this platform allow me to journal my financial journey, I would be able to share my excel spreadsheets with you so you could play around and make better decisions.

What you can expect: A simple guide to building your wealth no matter when you start, excel spreadsheets to help you understand your situation and make better decisions.

Together, we will get through tough financial situations and build substantial wealth to retire comfortably in the future. Thank you and happy building your layers.